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Nicoline Graadt van Roggen

Makelaar en Taxateur | Directie

Welcome to In the City, Amsterdam

Nicoline Graadt van Roggen: Broker in heart and soul.

With over 30 years' experience, Nicoline uniquely understands every facet of real estate brokerage. As soon as she began as office manager for Rotterdam agency Kolpa in 1984, she quickly discovered that the estate agency world was perfectly suited to her. After some time, she was independently conducting viewings and negotiations.

Driven by her ambition and dedication, she completed her broker's degree in one year. After working for three years at the Amsterdam commercial real estate broker Troostwijk, she had the chance to market the prestigious Piscadera Residence on Curacao for a Dutch project developer.

All-round broker

Back in the Netherlands, Nicoline applied her talents in Amsterdam estate agency, Babs Persoons. After succeeding in this challenging environment, which confirmed her competence and knowledge of the local real estate market, she took the step to begin for herself, 20 years ago.

With her Agency, In the City, Nicoline has established herself as a valued and trusted independent broker and appraiser. When it comes to the purchase of a new home, a transfer of the current mortgage, a divorce, death or re-location: valuations are constantly required.

She has specialized herself in this area to such an extent that Nicoline is one of the most requested appraisers in the region. She works for individuals, as well as insurance companies and intermediaries such as mortgage advisers, other brokers and large parties: banks, investors and project developers.

Official appraiser

Due to the high amount of valuations that Nicoline performs, over 300 annually, In the City is affiliated with various independent validation institutes, including the NWWI (the Dutch Property Value Institute) and the Appraisers Union. Only appraisers who meet the strictest quality requirements can join.

In the City's valuation specialism is a big plus: the optimal purchase or sale starts with the exact valuation of a building.

Exclusive and personal

Finding the right home for someone requires a very personal approach and that is exactly what In the City considers to be of paramount importance As a customer you therefore always deal directly with Nicoline herself, and she happily assists you with advice and action by orienting, valuing, advising, mediating, buying and selling on your behalf.

Trust, experience and personal attention are the basis. Nicoline is also able to call in a uniquely strong network of various specialists for all and every related matter.

Greater Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer and the Vecht region

In the City is affiliated with the various official brokerage associations, including the NVM (Dutch Association of Estate Agents) and MVA (Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam). As a result, every house that is sold by Nicoline is immediately published on Funda and pre-offered to her live database of relevant customers.

Because of the many appraisals and the central location of her office, Nicoline covers three working areas: Groot-Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer and the Vechtstreek.

Whether you want to buy or sell a small or large house, find the best building for your business or would prefer to rent somewhere for a while, with In the City you are in the right place, and in the very best of hands.


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